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"I still can't believe, based on the great care we always give our foals, the tremendous difference there is between the 2 to 12 colts and our regular fed group. This product is the real deal!” - Reg
"My horses are my life
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Almost a year ago in September I had the best time at AFR 37. Tomahawk won 2014 breakaway horse of the year, which was amazing that other competitors voted for him to be the top breakaway horse of 2014. I ended up topping off AFR 37 with winning the 2nd round, placing 2nd in the third round, and won the average for the weekend. 
It was a long cold winter and looking to start the 2015 season off right; unfortunately there was an accident at the barn and Tomahawk damaged his tendon. I thought I’d be out all year for 2015 season. I entered a few rodeos with the help of my rodeo family lending me a horse. I was staying strong in the standings so I kept my head up and continued to go. I took Tomahawk back to the vet and he looked better than we thought. 
Meanwhile we have changed our feeding program and started feeding Pennwoods Minerals along with plain oats. At first when we tried it—I won’t lie—I thought no way will oats and this mineral keep my horses going all summer. The vet gave me the okay to rope off him in July. We started back strong right where we left at the end of last season. Both Tomahawk and my 6-year-old barrel horse Raylanm who was learning the ropes of traveling the road, were put on Pennwoods feeding program. The hours I haul my horses is very stressful and I can honestly say all summer my horses looked awesome on Pennwoods. They never once became skinny or looked poor. Their feet and coat and body shape were awesome through the long hard hauling season. 
I’m proud to say me and Tomahawk are qualified for AFR 38 at the end of September in the breakaway roping. Raylan has been out since July so he hasn’t been on the road, but he will be back here in a week or two. Yesterday I got my first sample of Pennwoods GI Renew; I’m excited to start this new product on all my horses, especially as Raylan gets back in the trailer and Tomahawk heads to the AFR finals. It’s going to help with their stomach and stress of traveling. 
We had struggled with the one hitch mare not eating well losing weight and having very loose projectile manure. She was put on the trial product late spring and all her symptoms had cleared. She was cleaning up all her feed, gaining weight, and her manure completely normalized even through our first show in Columbus, OH. She stayed home from Indiana State Fair with me and 2 days ago, the bucket of GI Renew ran out. I had not got a chance to replace it and i figured I would just wait until the trucks got home tonight because they had some more buckets with them. This morning she did not eat all her feed and is already starting the watery manure. When i finished chores I went straight to our feed mill and picked a bucket up. I feel very strongly that this product will benefit horses with gut disruption due to a long list of causes, especially while they are under the stress of travelling and performing at shows.
We have three logging horses in rotation at all times with a team working in the woods at least five days a week, all year. Our horses work in all elements and conditions; heat, cold, rough terrain, etc. and we depend on Pennwoods Equine Products as a big part of their care. All of our working horses receive GI RENEW every day as part of their daily care, and we have seen an awesome improvement overall since starting them on GI RENEW. We would like to take this time to thank everyone at Pennwoods Equine Products for all you do for our horses!
Steve, Bear Hill Horse Logging, Clearfield County, PA
Last year Chad Cole gave me a gallon of Essential E to try on one of my mares. We gave the oil to a swing mare twice daily, and right away noticed a difference in her energy level. This mare came out of her stall each day with her head held high and feeling energized. Her energy level was apparently higher than it was previously. It was a no brainer that we would feed Essential E the following year throughout our show season. With each passing show I could not believe how well the oil was working for us. We went through our whole season with horses eating well while away from home and full of energy. We had two three-year-old mares in our bunch that never skipped a beat at the shows we attended. Our mares had great appetites, increased energy levels, and their performance was excellent. We could not believe how the oil strengthened their immune systems. Essential E is something we will feed for years to come! 

We adopted four orphan nurse mare foals last year and have used your supplements since they were off their milk replacer. They are now healthy growing yearlings. Love your products.

GI Renew is great, great, great great product!!!

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