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"I still can't believe, based on the great care we always give our foals, the tremendous difference there is between the 2 to 12 colts and our regular fed group. This product is the real deal!” - Reg
"My horses are my life
and only the best will do…that's why I feed Pennwoods."
Our company has specialized in animal nutrition for 30 years. We now have a product line for our friend, the dog!

Pennwoods News

Pennwoods 13 to 16 helped turn Steele into a champion.

Supplements Used: 13 to 36

During the summer of 2015, we were having some difficulty getting Steele to gain weight. At the suggestion of a friend, we put him on Pennwoods 13 to 36 Advanced. He immediately started gaining weight and looking much better. We showed at five major shows where he won his class four times was Grand Champion three times and was Supreme Champion once.

We would highly recommend this product for your horses.  

—Gerald and Ron W.  

This award-winning Belgian mare's family feeds her Pennwoods products.

Supplements Used: Nu-Life 2x and Essential E

Introducing Belle! Belle was recently crowned Supreme Champion Draft Horse at the 2016 Pennsylvania Farm Show. On top of being successful on the line, Belle also plays a leading role in a Belgian mare sixhorse hitch. Aside from her duties in the show ring, Belle is an accomplishing broodmare.

It shouldnt surprise you to find out that Belle is a family favorite and is loved unconditionally. Her family trusts Pennwoods Equine Products to support Belle in the show ring and at home...we are proud of all of her accomplishments at both halter and hitch.  

—Niki R.


Supplements used: Biogeneration HP, Essential E and GI Renew.

Priscilla came to us with significant evidence of internal parasite scarring, one result being that she was a colic repeat offender. After trying everything we could think of, we started her on a trial Pennwoods GI Renew. The result has been a complete stop to her bouts of colic. Aside from the colic issue, we struggled with loose manure, poor appetite, and noticeable weight loss when she was under stress at the shows, all of which have been corrected since she has been on this product. We now have several more horses on the GI Renew.

Priscilla also struggles with poor feet, cracking and breaking, causing lameness. The Biogeneration HP not only kept her feet healthy with the extra biotin content but the HP kept her stamina and strength up to it s highest potential. We use the Essential E as the icing on top; it really is the glue that holds her feeding program together.

—Rhonda C.

This Reserve World Champion was fed all Pennwoods Equine Products.

"This is my 2013 filly, Lazadaisical, who was the Reserve World Champion in longe line. She was fed all Pennwoods Equine Products."
—Judy B.

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We adopted four orphan nurse mare foals last year and have used your supplements since they were off their milk replacer. They are now healthy growing yearlings. Love your products.